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Admiral Bakelite 7" 

Admiral Metal Portable Television

This great looking vintage TV is the Admiral model 19A11 maufactured in 1948...
Unusual original emerald green mini portable 50s television. Excellent and...

Air King A-1000

Arvin 4080T

Manufactured by Air King Products Company Brooklyn, NY  A high quality antique...
Classic small vintage television with metal cabinet. Has the original back. 8 " screen

Bush TV12 British

Crosley 10-401

Rare early British small bakelite television. Beautiful streamlined design. Bakelite...
Great looking Crosley bakelite television in excellent condition. No cracks to case...

Crosley 9-419

Dumont Console

High quality antique 12 " television with channel 1 and FM radio ca. 1947....
This early antique Dumont console has a 12 " screen and radio. High quality...

Dumont "Doghouse"

Emerson Portable

High quality vintage twelve inch TV with radio and tuning eye tube. Excellent... 
Classic min ivintage television with leatherette case and reverse painted...

GE Two Tone Television

GE Two Tone Television

Great fifties two tone turquoise and ivory metal portable television in excellent.
GE Hotpoint cool fifties two tone pink and white metal portable television in very...

GE "Locomotive" Television

Hallicrafters Metal Television

General Electric model 800 great streamlined bakelite Locomotive antique TV with..
Hallicrafters model T-54 metal 7" television designed by Raymond Loewy.

Hallicrafters Wood Television

JVC Videosphere Television

The classic JVC model 3240 Videosphere "Space Helmet" spherical television introduced.
Hard to find Hallicrafters 7 " set with push button tuning. Metal front panel and wood...

JVC Videosphere Television With Box

Motorola Blonde 7" Television

Beautiful antique Motorola 7 " portable set with tan leatherette case and reverse...
This is a very special and rare JVC Videosphere complete with the original factory box!

Motorola 7"

Motorola 7"

This is a very nice Motorola model VT71 7" table model in the harder to find blonde...
This is a classic Motorola model VT71 7" table model vintage television set...

Motorola Bakelite 7" Television

Motorola Console Television

Great looking classic seven inch bakelite television set. ca. 1948. The bakelite cabinet is
Beautiful vintage Motorola 12" console television set from 1949.The cabinet has a very..

Philco Space Age Television

Panasonic Orbitel Television

Here is a beautiful Philco Space Age plastic TV from the early 1970s.
This is the iconic Panasonic model TR-005 Orbitel "Flying Saucer" space age...

Philco Predicta Holiday Television

Philco Predicta Holiday Television

Original 21 inch Philco Predicta classic swivel screen TV. Blonde base ca. 1958....
This is a spectacular example of the 1958 Philco Predicta Holiday model swivel screen..

Philco Predicta Barber Pole Console

Philco Predicta Barber Pole Console

Philco Predicta Barber Pole swivel-screen pedestal floor model television in excellent...

Philco Predicta Debutante

Philco Predicta Princess Television

Philco Predicta "Debutante" model swivel screen television. This example is...
Beautiful original Philco Predicta Princess model with amazing bright red..

Philco Predicta Princess Television

Philco Predicta Danish Modern

Great deluxe 17 " Philco Predicta swivel screen television with original floor...
Wonderful Philco Predicta Continental model "Danish Modern" pedestal console...

Philco Predicta Miss America Television

Philco Predicta Brazilian Television

Beautiful Philco Predicta " Miss America " model classic Mid Century swivel base...
This is an extremely rare Philco Predicta "Brazilian" table model television from...

Philco 48-702 Television

Philco Predicta Swivel Television

Early Philco seven inch TV in original condition. Difficult model to find...
Incredible blonde Philco Predicta "Full Dress model with swivel base. An amazing

Philco Bakelite Television

Pilot TV-37 Television

Unique wood television with 3 inch screen. Cabinet in excellent shape. ca. 1947...

Early Philco ten inch TV in original condition. Difficult model to find. ca. 1950. The..

Quasar 1970s Orange Television

Quasar 1970s
Green Television

This classic 1974 Quasar portable is in an incredible bright green and white plastic case with 12" screen. .
This classic 1974 Quasar portable is in an incredible bright orange and white plastic case with...

Raytheon Belmont 7DX22-P Television

Raytheon Belmont 7DX21 Television

This rare and unusual model was manufactured by Raytheon Belmont in 1947...
This nice looking vintage Raytheon Belmont model 7DX21 was manufactured...

RCA Victor PT-7030 Television

RCA Victor DeLuxe Portable TV

Unusual and great looking classic mini Personal Portable television with metal case...
Great looking and very unusual classic fifties portable TV. Styled like a....

RCA Victor 621TS Television

RCA Victor Mini Swivel Television

This beautiful vintage TV is the RCA 621TS. It was designed by John Vassos...
Great looking RCA Victor Presonal Portable miniature vintage TV with tripod...

Silvertone 9116 Vintage Television

Sentinel Leatherette Portable Television

Hard to find and unusual vertical snakeskin leatherette vintage portable television
Very nice vertical leatherette vintage portable television with 7" screen manufactured

Sylvania 19" Portable Television

Sylvania Two Tone Portable Television

Classic 19 " portable with two tone ivory and turquoise cabinet. Unusual model...
Cool fifites two tone portable with ivory/pink cabinet.  Very good condition...

Tele King Bakelite Vintage Television

Teletone TV-149 Vintage Television

This highly unusual bakelite Tele King television was made in 1949 by the Tele King...

Classic Teletone 7 " television from 1948 with very small wood cabinet...

Zenith 1950 Porthole Television

Zenith 2350RZ1 Porthole Television

Classic Zenith Porthole console in excellent conditon. 12 inch screen...

This great looking Zenith round screen "Porthole" console was made by the...

The Kinet by American Television Corp ca. 1938