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Automatic Tom Thumb in Orchid Pink

Emerson AU-190 Tombstone in Blue

Fada model L-56 in emerald green and yellow

Kadette model K-10 Classic ca. 1936

Detrola model 218 Pee Wee ca.1938

The Halson Dwarf in rare red catalin

RCA Little Nipper Radio in Salt and Pepper Plaskon

1933 Crosley Coke Bottle radio

Sparton Model 506 Bluebird

The EKCO AD65 In The Extremely Rare Green

prewar RCA Victor TV with 5″ screen

Garod 1426 “Three Ring” Catalin Radio

The Predicta Princess in red

“Attention Earth People: Take Me To Your Living Quarters!”

These were made in brown, ivory and green

Detail of an Icon, ca. 1931